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April 18th, 2005

08:24 pm

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December 3rd, 2004

03:42 pm
Quito Days! Viva Quito!

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November 8th, 2004

12:39 pm - Guaraná
hey,, In Brasil we have a drink made from amazon fruits called Guaraná!! Do they sell this in any other south american countries?
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October 8th, 2004

11:47 am
Hi, my name is Jenny. I'm from Seattle. I just moved to Santiago, Chile a month ago to get my TEFL certificate and teach English.

Santiago is cool, and I've been to Buenos Aires, but I want to travel while I'm here. What places in S.A. do you recommend?

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September 26th, 2004

06:03 pm
Where do you live?
Thousand Oaks, California, EEUU
If you don't live in SA, why are you interested in it?
Born in Lima, Peru. VIVA PERU </b< Why did you join this community? want to know more south americans out there because where i live hay puros gringolos solamente o mexicanos. y no es lo mismo! CHAU
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September 11th, 2004

10:18 pm - Dr, Pepper
I just found out that they sell Dr.Pepper here in Ecuador. I did not know that. But it is really expensive.

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August 15th, 2004

10:38 pm - hope this is not a waste of time
I really hope making this community is not just a waste of time. Right now I'm just posting something. Maybe I'll start with a survey or something.

Where do you live?
Quito, Ecuador
If you don't live in SA, why are you interested in it?
I lived in SA most of my life.
Why did you join this community?
I made it.

At least one jounal entry will be here.
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